Frequently Asked Questions About The Probate Process

It is both a privilege and a responsibility to administer the estate of a deceased loved one. It can also seem like a complex and worrisome process. Whether you have been recently named an executor or are preparing for probate after the death of a parent or loved one, a knowledgeable attorney can help guide you through the process.

At Owens Law Firm, our goal is to make your experience as smooth and efficient as we can throughout the process of settling your loved one’s estate. To get started, it can be helpful to learn more about what to expect from the process.

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about probate administration.

What is probate?

During the probate process, a court supervises the distribution of a person’s property after their death. The process also includes paying any debts and taxes, settling disputes and collecting all property to be distributed.

As the executor of the estate, what do I need to do?

If you have been named the executor of the estate of a parent or loved one, your main duties are to make sure the wishes of the deceased are honored while also fulfilling the requirements of probate court. You will need to make sure assets are distributed correctly and efficiently. Other duties may include selling real estate, filing a final income tax return or making a life insurance claim.

What happens if my siblings don’t like how I handle my parent’s estate?

If you are the child selected to administer your parent’s estate, you may worry about fights with or among your siblings or other relatives. Will contests and other types of estate litigation rack up hourly attorneys’ fees and can quickly reduce the value of an estate. We do not favor the idea of costly estate litigation. We always try to help clients avoid disputes in the first place, but if they arise, we work to arrive at reasonable settlements without delay or unnecessary expense.

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